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Spiti BioClean

Showcasing one more successful partnership with a business that provides services. Spiti BioClean specializes in biological & upholstery cleaning services in the district of Thessaloniki and Chalkidiki.

Main goals of the company: Brand awareness, leads and attraction of younger clients.

Services are always a challenge when it comes to attract and gain an engaging audience, especially young people who are more interested in different types of content regarding social media.

Although, with the power of strategic content creation we have managed not only to increase our number of followers (36 on June 570 by today) but to attract a notable percentage of people under 45 amongst them.

More specifically, people at the age group of 25-34 were non existent up to June and now they make up 25.8% of the total audience, followed by people at the age of 35-44 who make almost the 40%. Additionally, this was enhanced through targeted ad campaigns that also provide a significant influx of new clients but also generate valuable leads contributing to the company’s broader objective of expanding its customer base.

Overall, at the heart of our collaboration lies a mutual goal: to enhance brand awareness and keep resonating with a younger demographic by creating compelling content and executing tailored ad campaigns.

Photography by: Stefanos Bouzopoulos

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    brand strategy, social media marketing, content marketing

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    Spiti BioClean

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    Cleaning Services

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