Who We Are

Notion is not the average marketing agency you might have in mind…

Oh, I forgot to introduce myself

the girl on the picture, that’s me, you can call me Christine!

What’s my relation with the company?

After working as a freelance social media manager & content creator for 4 years, I decided to create my own digital marketing & creative agency, in 2021, which I named ‘’Notion’’

How I came up with this name? Notion as a word means a conception, an impulse, a desire, an idea, & describes exactly what Notion as an agency is for me. 

My ambition is Notion to become the reflection of my passion, my job.

At this point I have to note that Notion wouldn’t be the same without my amazing and talented associates. From photographers, to graphic designers, web developers, film makers, advertisers they are all a huge asset for the company’s route and I am grateful for cooperating with each one of them. 

Wish we could take a photo all together but they are so many we could never synchronise our busy schedules. Anyway, at least you can check our works together at the Portfolio section…

About Notion

Words we live by

Our headquarters are located in Thessaloniki, Greece but we work with clients from everywhere!
We are capable of creating the ideal marketing plan for every type of business, as long as you are willing to follow the latest trends and be ahead of your competitors!
We don’t like mediocre, thus we have a niche. We only undertake clients who are prepared to enter the new era of marketing for their business.
One more thing, we hate being impersonal!
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